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Contact: 02 4961 0700
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Triple P

The Triple P Positive Parenting Program provides practical answers to everyday parenting concerns.  The program is backed by over 30 years of clinically proven, world-wide research.  Triple P helps parents be the best parent they can be, helps raise happy confident kids and strengthens parenting skills.  Here at Family InSight we offer both the Seminar and Group Programs.

Triple P courses highlight the importance of good communication between parents and children, and suggest simple routines and small changes that help make big differences. Parents learn to understand how their family works and how to use the things they already say, think and feel in new ways. This helps to: 

Triple P Seminar Program

Triple P seminars can either be ran over three consecutive weeks for two and a half hours each week, or as a one day workshop, the three areas we focus on during these seminars are:

Triple P Group Program

Triple P groups are run over a maximum 8 consecutive weeks with a mixture of face to face sessions and phone calls.  During these sessions parents work with facilitators and from their own parent workbooks settings goals, looking at behaviour charts and appropriate strategies for their families.  A large part of group Triple P is working out ways to sustain the strategies as their children grow and develop.  Group Triple P is a more intensive program with numerous practical strategies for everyday parenting as well as within those high pressure situations.

Testimonials from Parents

“Was a good program that is realistic and has given me some tips and ways to parent”

“The best thing about the program was learning how to manage misbehaviour and keep with it”

“Thank you!  I have learnt a lot and will continue with the strategies I have learnt.  I feel a lot better as a parent”

For more information on our Triple P Seminar or Group programs or to find out about upcoming programs in your area please go to our What's On page or contact the Parenting and Early Years team on (02) 4961 0700 or email us at

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